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Your Own Hats

By Platinum hats - 09/03/2017
Your Own Hats
Have you ever wanted to wear your own custom hat that you've designed?
Do you see embroidered hat designs and think you could've come up with that?
Do you have an event or business that needs a custom hat but not what is already on the market?

 If you answered yes to any of these, then Platinum Hats can help you! We specialize in custom caps and can help with all designs aspects or just create what you have already designed. Every hat can have such minute details that add to the design and make your hats one of a kind. We have an office in Vietnam and the U.S. so we are able to work around the clock on your order causing us to have a proficient and quick turn around time once you've agreed to start production. We are partnered with the best factory in Vietnam that has a long history of making Vietnam custom caps.

As a family owned business we value working one on one with customers and providing a great experience from start to finish. We use the best materials around but have the ability to shop around giving you the best price in custom caps. We would love to help get you started today in creating the perfect hat for your needs.


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