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Vietnam custom caps

By Platinum hats - 30/10/2016
Vietnam custom caps

1. Baseball cap manufacturers vietnam - Custom caps

I wanted to take a few minutes to address an issue that directly effects our industry and indirectly effects our global community.  Like everyone I enjoy the newest cell phone, the nicest new clothes, and want my children to have the newest gadget that all their friends have.  It’s a struggle for me to make conscious buying decisions while trying to make my money go as far as possible.  When you are completely removed from the all the resources and people that it took to get this new item in your hand it’s easy to make a quick decision without taking into account what’s involved in the production.  Myself, and my partners, have decided to make the conscious decision to manufacture responsibly, recognizing each individual involved and the production of Vietnam custom caps.  Our partner factory provides meals and uniforms for each employee.  

vietnam custom caps
2. Snapback hat manufacturers

We regularly audit to ensure we are doing what we can to make a positive impact on those that choose to work for us.  We want those that are involved in the custom caps in our custom caps factory to earn a living wage and to enjoy what they do.   When you make the decision to place an order with Platinum Hats you are making the decision to work with a responsible company, a company that reflects on what we do, remembering that we are part of the global community.  We aren’t just in this work for profit, instead we want to deliver the best Vietnam custom caps that we can, responsibly.

Damian, Manager of USA office of Platinum Hats


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