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Design And Create Your Own Hats - Easily Design Your Way

By Platinum hats - 22/09/2016
Design And Create Your Own Hats - Easily Design Your Way

Design your own hats online at platinumhats.com and create style best your hats easily.Because we do so much business in the Ho Chi Minh Area we are in constant contact with quality suppliers that will allow you to really design hats.  When we say design your hats that’s exactly what we mean.  We want you to be able to pick every color, every trim, so that you are actually designing your hats.  We have seen the competitions websites.  They claim that you are designing, but really you are just adding custom embroidery to a blank cap that they have already produced.  Many of these companies stock thousands of pre made blank caps, wait for embroidery requests and then just add the embroidery.  This is not a custom hat.  We make every hat from scratch, we are talking down to the thread color, you can pick it.  

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The best part is it doesn’t cost you more to make those choices.  We have made large investments in fabrics and trims to make sure we are able to create just what you want.  And don’t be intimidated by all the choices, we have done this many times and we can make recommendations.  We have experience working with one time small customers ordering 100 caps for promotions all the way to professional sports teams ordering thousands of caps.  Either way, we can help.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you when you design your own hats please contact email or skype of Platinumhats.

Damian, Manager of Platinum Hats, USA.your


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