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Custom embroidered Caps

By Platinum hats - 12/10/2016
Custom embroidered Caps

The difference between quality and quantity when it comes to custom embroidered caps and hats .If you have spent any time online looking for custom you know that there are many options out there.  This article is a reminder that with custom you get what you pay for like anything else.  Its easy to get tempted by low prices, fancy websites, and large quantities delivered in a week.  Remember that many of these compnies are only doing the embroidery.  

1.Custom embroidered hats no minimum

Meaning they buy blank caps in large quantities, then hold them, waiting for the embroidery orders to come in.  This is not a custom cap, this is simply custom embroidery on a blank cap.  At Platinum Caps we don’t hold stock of blank caps, we produce each cap custom, using the exact materials that you instruct us to use.  This means that it may take a little bit longer, but the wait is worth it.  For those of our customers that will later be selling these caps they can appreciate the highest quality because they can get extra margin out of their investment.  For those of our customers that are simply having 100 custom embroidered caps and hats produced for a family reunion or other event you will appreciate the quality even more because these caps mean something to you.  By the way, yes, we will do 100 caps for a family reunion, we do it all the time!

custom embroidered caps and hats


2.Custom snapback hats

If you’re nervous about ordering custom embroidered caps and hats we understand, that’s what we are here for.
We hope to hear from you soon
Damian, Manager of Platinum Hats, INC


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